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Moving to dreamwidth or staying on lj?
keep calm and rock out
rocks_not_dead wrote in t_and_b_anon
(Please note that with some time of waiting in the dreamwidth queue the entire community including all comments and settings can be moved to dreamwidth.)

Poll #1805782 Move to dreamwidth or stay on lj?
This poll is closed.

As for so many other memes recently, it's time for us to decide now, too. Do we want to move the meme over to dreamwidth or stay on lj?

move to dreamwidth
stay on lj

I'd also like to say, for those who don't know yet that dreamwidth is going invite code free til the end of the year. However, you can also post without having an account here.

The poll will close January 7th.

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I saw that method floating around on plurk...

IMO though, LJ's handling of the subject-lines/comment layout change has left a bad taste in my mouth. Their message has been pretty much 'Deal with it'. What else will we be forced to 'deal with' later on?

Limits on comment/entry texts so it'll be more like Facebook? And all with nothing but a warning a week before it suddenly happens?

I'm simply concerned that a move to DW will kill the meme. Activity has gone down since the series ended anyway, and bigger comms have been slain by a LJ->DW move. A couple of years ago, without tumblr, I would've supported a move wholeheartedly, but now when fandom is already fractured as fuck, you shouldn't take a gamble like this.

Well, I get the whole meme in my inbox and I've only really noticed a huge drop in activity since it became apparent just how much lj has fucked up and how they're not going to give an inch on the whole issue. I also don't think tumblr is a big threat to kink memes by their limited comment space alone. Sure, you could post fic, but there's little room to respond and their tagging system seems laid out too universally.

The thing is... we're kind of between a rock and a hard place. Lj is fast becoming unsuable with the comments and the frequency of access issues due to DDOS attack. People are drifiting away because they've lost trust in the site. I'm fast becoming one of them.

And I would say, as has been suggested, to make it a temporary move to dw, but there's a huge snag we'll hit if we want to move back to lj. The only reason we COULD move to dw is because they have this nifty "import from lj" feature. This is something I do not see lj every having the other way round. so I wouldn't know how to move back.

Quite honestly? I think chances are just as high that the comm will die if we stay here. And the only people who can influence this no matter on which site is every anon for themselves by staying active even if it's problematic.

I get the meme to my inbox, too, and I felt it's been in a steady decline since the show ended. You're right, it's dropped noticeably since the changes, but I'm not entirely sure that's not related to the holiday season. I'd wait till early/mid-January before doing any absolute judgements on that front.

I wasn't talking specifically about kinkmemes, I just have the impression that a lot of fannishness has migrated to tumblr in general. If I compare, e.g. the activity on the Gundam Seed comm and the Taibani comm when both we're airing, Seed was a lot more active - at the time, LJ was a hub of fannish activity, to a degree it hasn't been in years (at least since Strikethrough). It's just a combination of LJ quite obviously not giving two shits about its customers and the development of a variety of "rivals" (i.e. DW, AO3, tumblr, Twitter and dA to some degree) - which I meant with fractured fandom. Back in the day you could find near everything on mailing lists, then it was webrings, then LJ - now it's just not that easy.

I'm really not objecting to a move to DW in absolute terms (I'm there myself), I'd just like to point out it's quite literally an irreversible decision if you do it. And in my experience a move to DW tends to kill near every anime-related comm since the people who're big into DW are usually people from Western fandoms and of an older average age than a lot of anime fans - many of them have done the ML -> webring -> LJ -> DW migration and are used to just packing up and leaving/going somewhere else when things die somewhere.

(Deleted comment)
(different anon here)

Even if the generalization that anime fandom isn't active on DW is accurate (I think it's less active than LJ because a lot of fandoms are more active on LJ) there's only one way to change that. If anime fans refuse to move to DW because there are no anime fans on DW...

Plus, well - people have a lot of reasons to stick with this meme, from in-progress fills to the fact you don't actually need a DW account to take part. The DW comment-length issue alone means the idea of the meme moving there fills me with glee. I admit I'm biased - this comm is the only exception to my refusal to use LJ. I'd LOVE to be able to just never come back to LJ again, and have my favorite fandom be significantly more active on the site I use.

Different anon, except that I'm sitting here going "Did I post this comment in my sleep?" Because that's my situation too. Only come to LJ for Tiger & Bunny stuff anymore, mostly to post fills on the meme, and the comment length alone has made me wish ever since I learned about this meme that it was hosted on DW instead.

Different anon - I'm honestly not seeing the problem for an anonymous meme, considering that it doesn't need an account at whatever site it's hosted on in order to be used. All that the change would require would be a new bookmark.

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