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Moving to dreamwidth or staying on lj?
keep calm and rock out
rocks_not_dead wrote in t_and_b_anon
(Please note that with some time of waiting in the dreamwidth queue the entire community including all comments and settings can be moved to dreamwidth.)

Poll #1805782 Move to dreamwidth or stay on lj?
This poll is closed.

As for so many other memes recently, it's time for us to decide now, too. Do we want to move the meme over to dreamwidth or stay on lj?

move to dreamwidth
stay on lj

I'd also like to say, for those who don't know yet that dreamwidth is going invite code free til the end of the year. However, you can also post without having an account here.

The poll will close January 7th.

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How about we have the anonmeme on both dreamwidth and LJ, so as not to alienate users completely?

Like, say, the main prompts/fills post will be on dreamwidth, while we keep a second update post on LJ (plus a link to the current meme part) on this? That way when people load the t-and-b-anon page, they can find a link of the current dreamwidth page no problem.

This way, we get the best of two worlds :)

Oh, sure. I'm not even talking about deleting it here. It's just that... lj is fast becoming unusable. And for any meme the missing subject lines are a huge problem. We just really need to make sure that prompting and filling happens on one site and one site only. Because if we ever want to archive again (this is something I'm gonna come back to once the lj mess has been sorted), it would be a bit of a mess having it on two sites.

How about a post that doesn't allow commenting from anon comments with the link to the dreamwidth page? And nice red bold text that says prompts and fills on that page...

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