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Poll on some of the rules
viola liliana sanches
rocks_not_dead wrote in t_and_b_anon
SORRY I BORKED THE FIRST POLL. THE TWO PEOPLE WHO ALREADY HAD, PLEASE VOTE AGAIN. You now have the option to check multiple boxes.

I've been getting very conflicting feedback concerning some of the existing meme rules, so I thought it would be good to have a poll.

This poll will be open until 31st July. The rules that result out of this poll will be final for at least a while. If you want your opinion to be included, please vote.

Poll #1762155 What rules is the majority of the comm ok with?
This poll is closed.

What rules is the majority of the comm ok with?

4thing 5thing 6thing is ok
4thing 5thing 6thing takes up too much space
We want some freeze periods
We never want any freeze periods
We want a one week freeze period between rounds
We never want any break between rounds

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I do realise how different things can come across online. And we have a rule against unfriendly concrit. It's the exact same one I put in about every public post that anons are to respect each other. And in the cases that does not happen, when I see it, I step in and otherwise I ask people to please let me know so I can step in and delete what is necessary. We do also now have a mod contact post for those who don't want to or can't PM me.

But on the other hand, I think that if you post your writing publicly on the internet, you make it accessible to public opinion and not everyone is going to like it. It's just a risk that every single one of us takes (I write fanfic too, just more in another fandom than this one). That does, by no means mean I condone flaming, but I think concrit is ok.

I also personally didn't think that person in the thread was being rude. As for the Nathan prompt that had nothing to do with concrit. That was simply kink shaming and wank and has been dealt with.

So, to end this ramble... I understand your concerns, but I'm for letting people concrit on this meme without having to walk on eggshells as long as they don't flame. So, the choices are to simply leave things as are or make a poll on it.

I've put rules in place for people to be nice to each other, but... to be honest, and hoping that I don't come across as too much of an ass, I can't check every single word on this meme at all times and wonder if it's going to offend someone or something. Sometimes, with non-flamey things, one just has to deal with the fact that someone else has a different opinion or isn't behaving quite the way you'd like them to. I am, however still prepared to do that poll when I can. I realised earlier, while lj let me close the previous one it won't let me make any posts to the comm at the moment, so it might be a few days yet.

I suppose it's just a matter of people taking each word into consideration because I personally have not commented on that thread(since my experience with previous anonymous kink memes have taught me "do not engage"), so there are fellow anons who also found it rude the way the concrit is presented. *shrug*

And because we all understand that you cannot check everything there, the rules are created to make all our lives a little easier.

As for the Nathan wank, I brought it up as an example as to how words can be taken the wrong way and people feel the need to shout out about it. But with or without this example, I find that the wording a request is different from wording a concrit.

Maybe you can put up an example as to what a nice concrit would be compared to one that is not as nice? (Ex: "the format of your fan fic is a little hard to read... maybe you should double space it to avoid the wall of text" vs "could you double space your fic? it's really hard to read"). Then ask fellow anons who roll around this community to report the ones that they don't find very pleasant and let you make the decision in the end. Of course, this is for the sake of the author!anons who A) cannot take concrit very well B) are sensitive toward concrit. And while the author!anon might not have any problems with it, this will also solve the problem with other anons who find it rude and suddenly jumping the gun on the critique!anon who is trying to be helpful and in the end, everyone is trying to be helpful but nothing is really getting across to anyone and it become a big mess of misunderstandings.

Surely, you cannot please everyone in the world and you don't have to tread on eggshells around anyone. But when providing concrit, it's nice to have it gently given to you as well instead of slapping you across the face with it-- or tactless, as some people might call it.

It makes me a little uncomfortable raising such a big fuss for you to make a poll out of it... Because I am seriously not condemning concrit, but I am wishing that people would be a little more careful with their words when concrit can be a sensitive thing (since a lot of people may take it as an attack which is the thing that we all want to avoid).

Or simply just tack on a rule that says "anything you see and you think is not appropriate for the meme, contact the mod and the mod will deal with it. Please do not engage" and see what happens (yay, mod contact post being put to good use!) ?

I'm not quite sure.

But in the end, it's all up to you, right?

Ok, no poll then. I'd prefer that too. I just like polls for issues where I'm personally conflicted or if I get a barrage of opposing comments on it.

Anyway. I'll add a note on appropriate concriting to the rules and can also mention it in the rules update post I'll be making as soon as lj lets me.

LJ has been a big butt lately. I hope it gets fixed soon.

And thanks for your hard work again! ♥ Sorry if that came off as a little overly opinionated. And no, you're not an asshole, mod. :)

These things need to be discussed and we were discussing like mature adults. Nope, no assholes here!

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