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Poll on some of the rules
viola liliana sanches
rocks_not_dead wrote in t_and_b_anon
SORRY I BORKED THE FIRST POLL. THE TWO PEOPLE WHO ALREADY HAD, PLEASE VOTE AGAIN. You now have the option to check multiple boxes.

I've been getting very conflicting feedback concerning some of the existing meme rules, so I thought it would be good to have a poll.

This poll will be open until 31st July. The rules that result out of this poll will be final for at least a while. If you want your opinion to be included, please vote.

Poll #1762155 What rules is the majority of the comm ok with?
This poll is closed.

What rules is the majority of the comm ok with?

4thing 5thing 6thing is ok
4thing 5thing 6thing takes up too much space
We want some freeze periods
We never want any freeze periods
We want a one week freeze period between rounds
We never want any break between rounds

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I hate freeze periods. All they do is make me not want to come here because everything's slowed to a crawl. I noticed a lot more people said "I'm less tempted to write fills during a freeze" than "I really love freeze periods."

I also don't get the point of a break between rounds. I don't want a week of no anon meme.

one week is waaaay too much for such a still growing fandom. there is no point of a break in between different parts because they only serve the same purpose of a freeze period.

and freeze periods won't do a single thing if people aren't willing to fill.

"we hit 6000 comments, get filling" isn't going to motivate anyone who doesn't want to write to write more. and those who are writing perhaps are already writing 500 other fics and don't need someone to be bossing them around to hurrying up with their writing.

i can see the freeze period help the authors to catch up with their writing in time for some new requests, but without a goal in sight, who is to say how long the freeze period would last? and fills that no one is interested in will not be filled regardless of the freeze or not.

at this point, this kink meme has really slowed down. the maximum amount of comments to a post is 10 000. a freeze period at 5000 comments would make a little sense-- lasting about 3-4 days or so without breaks between rounds. if needed, freeze periods can be increased according to fandom development, growth and demand.

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