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Moving to dreamwidth or staying on lj?
keep calm and rock out
rocks_not_dead wrote in t_and_b_anon
(Please note that with some time of waiting in the dreamwidth queue the entire community including all comments and settings can be moved to dreamwidth.)

Poll #1805782 Move to dreamwidth or stay on lj?
This poll is closed.

As for so many other memes recently, it's time for us to decide now, too. Do we want to move the meme over to dreamwidth or stay on lj?

move to dreamwidth
stay on lj

I'd also like to say, for those who don't know yet that dreamwidth is going invite code free til the end of the year. However, you can also post without having an account here.

The poll will close January 7th.

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I've been watching the poll since it's been put up, and as new votes have trickled in over the past three days, the percentage of people wanting to move has remained exactly the same, and it doesn't seem likely that the percentage will change. A significant number of author anons complained about how much they hate the new comment system (thread four comments up), and some even said that they won't post the remainder of their ongoing fills to the meme unless we move. That's pretty bad, folks. Without someone filling the prompts, this meme has a 100% chance of dying. A two-thirds majority is pretty significant, and even if the 35 people who voted to stay absolutely refuse to participate after we move, there would still be 70 happy people keeping the meme alive. There's also probably a few people who won't care either way that aren't voting at all.

Um... is this good enough for us to announce that we're leaving? At this point, we're probably better off trying to convince the people against moving to follow us over there.

It looks like the LJ-only users are coming out of the woodwork now. D:

I really hope the vote goes DW. I have three ongoing fills right now, and I want to actually be able to finish them.

Agreed. I feel like a jerk who's being inflexible, but I really don't get the appeal of remaining on LJ at all. :(

Yeah, I was the anon who first commented above about not really feeling like posting more updates to fills unless we moved, and I was afraid of coming off like "I'm taking my ball and going home unless I get my way!" ... but navigating the meme with LJ like this is impossible, and only going to be more impossible when they do as they stated they were going to do and remove subject lines from S2 styles too. (Since they've said nothing at all on the matter of subject lines despite the outcry, it's pretty obvious they're not changing their mind.)

Would that really make you any more of an inflexible jerk than a person who refuses to move, knowing that it bothers you and that you're one of the few people filling the prompts on here for them? I don't want to think that anyone is being a jerk here, but it's really hard not to pick sides on this. I also don't see the appeal of staying here. How are all these LJ-only people navigating this thing? Seriously, I wanna know their mystical secrets.


And if the mod would just copypaste the FFA CSS, the meme would regain basic functionality until the move. But if they did that, the meme would be functional again.

/another anon

It'd still be on LJ, which as some people have mentioned, is the bigger problem than functionality.

IMO, it does feel like they've been actively trying to get rid of us with all these changes.

Anon from above.

That would be nice. At least then we could start getting ready for the transition while keeping up some level of activity.

If someone would let the mod know what the FFA CSS is and where to find it, then maybe mod could do that. I think I've mentioned this before, but I know nothing of coding. In any case, anything we do, be it a code or changing the layout, doesn't *solve* the problem or undo what lj has pulled these last weeks.

I completely agree. I know I'm in the DW boat already and all, but the poll has consistently stayed between 63% and 65% FOR the move since we put it up, and I think that probably relates to the fact that most of us who want to move want to do so on principle in addition to the fact that we dislike the new system.

Anyway, dear mod: It looks like you might be able to put a custom style on the comments by going into Manage Communities > Journal Style > Customize Journal style > Display > Basic Options > "Disable custom comment pages for your journal" and change the dropdown from 'yes' to 'no'.

I saw that you picked a custom style for the journal, but for some reason, the custom comments pages default to "off", even for S2 styles. Hope that helps!

I also want to move on principle. And for the longer comment limits, which is more convenience than principle. And I totally agree, a new layout doesn't solve or fix the issue, just puts a bandaid on it. Which is going to be ripped off when they roll out the new comment system for S2 styles.

That said, here's the FFA CSS and directions for using it. You'd also need to enable custom comment pages like the above anon said.

Thank you. It's implemented now.

Gah - that means I can't expand threads any more. Damn.

Oh well, I guess I can wait on that move to Dreamwidth.

Someone linked you to it last week.

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