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Moving to dreamwidth or staying on lj?
keep calm and rock out
rocks_not_dead wrote in t_and_b_anon
(Please note that with some time of waiting in the dreamwidth queue the entire community including all comments and settings can be moved to dreamwidth.)

Poll #1805782 Move to dreamwidth or stay on lj?
This poll is closed.

As for so many other memes recently, it's time for us to decide now, too. Do we want to move the meme over to dreamwidth or stay on lj?

move to dreamwidth
stay on lj

I'd also like to say, for those who don't know yet that dreamwidth is going invite code free til the end of the year. However, you can also post without having an account here.

The poll will close January 7th.

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LJ doesn't always roll back changes after people complain about things. There have been times in the past where they have, true enough, but considering the shift in the dev team and the particularly dense nature of LJ's customer service, I really don't see this one being reversed. The changes have already been coded, and there are so many more that they've already paid people do. It's highly unlikely that they'll simply throw it away.

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