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Moving to dreamwidth or staying on lj?
keep calm and rock out
rocks_not_dead wrote in t_and_b_anon
(Please note that with some time of waiting in the dreamwidth queue the entire community including all comments and settings can be moved to dreamwidth.)

Poll #1805782 Move to dreamwidth or stay on lj?
This poll is closed.

As for so many other memes recently, it's time for us to decide now, too. Do we want to move the meme over to dreamwidth or stay on lj?

move to dreamwidth
stay on lj

I'd also like to say, for those who don't know yet that dreamwidth is going invite code free til the end of the year. However, you can also post without having an account here.

The poll will close January 7th.

Just an FYI - DW is keeping open account creation indefinitely, so no invite codes needed. It's probably not a permanent move, but they'll announce it before they reinstate invite codes.

Since the poll is closed, and the majority voted for moving to DW... are we leaving? Because if we're leaving, I'll wait until after everything's transferred to try refinding all the fills I was following.

Yeah... I'm sitting here waiting on posting any more fills until we move. (If we don't move, probably just doing like one of the other w!anons suggested and posting the fic elsewhere and commenting with a link. I sort of don't want to give LJ any content or page views at all anymore.)

I'm reluctant to give LJ anything either, but I also don't want the meme to die of inactivity and everyone to drift away before the comm's imported.

Yeah, I think I'd like to know what's happening too. So come on, Mods, what's up? The poll is pretty conclusive and it has been a few days now, so...

DW hasn't actually announced that comms are free to import for unpaid users yet, so that's probably the reason for the delay.

So I attempted to track down the mod and give her some paid time anonymously (I had extra points after the end-of-year promotion), and I hope IP logging isn't on because I feel kind of like a creepy stalker saying that.

Yeah, but an acknowledgement of the poll result and an ETA would be good.

Nice of you to do the paid time thing though.

Omg, hi. Thank you SO much for the paid time. And also, sorry it's taken me forever to sort stuff out here. Computer problems. >.< However, an announcement shall go up now and I'll try to migrate the comm to dw.

Again, thanks so much. It's really nice of you to get me paid time so we can move early. :)

Not a problem! I had the points, and I wanted to put them toward a good cause. :D

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