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Poll on some of the rules
viola liliana sanches
rocks_not_dead wrote in t_and_b_anon
SORRY I BORKED THE FIRST POLL. THE TWO PEOPLE WHO ALREADY HAD, PLEASE VOTE AGAIN. You now have the option to check multiple boxes.

I've been getting very conflicting feedback concerning some of the existing meme rules, so I thought it would be good to have a poll.

This poll will be open until 31st July. The rules that result out of this poll will be final for at least a while. If you want your opinion to be included, please vote.

Poll #1762155 What rules is the majority of the comm ok with?
This poll is closed.

What rules is the majority of the comm ok with?

4thing 5thing 6thing is ok
4thing 5thing 6thing takes up too much space
We want some freeze periods
We never want any freeze periods
We want a one week freeze period between rounds
We never want any break between rounds

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as a mostly just filling anon, i have to say that i hate freeze periods. there isn't an overwhelming amount of requests like the hetalia kink meme(where it was almost 2 pages per hour at one point)... and if there are requests that no one is interested in filling, a freeze period would not help them get filled.

in fact, the new requests help spur on ideas and i really hate forcing myself to write when i am not in the mood to write at all.

the thing with hetalia is that they have a certain number of fills they must complete before the freeze period is lifted-- and their fandom is big enough to support that demand. with t&b not being as huge just yet, this freeze period is something you can implement later on because it is not useful at this moment.

and the beginning of the hetalia kink meme from parts 1-5 or so, there were no freeze periods implemented until filling anons had begged for them and the mods had spent hours meticulously formulating a system that works for them... and every fandom is different.

this is just my two cents. (and using hetalia as a reference because this meme's rules sort of echo from that meme and they do have a system that works)

i am more concerned about anonymity being adhered to(and the moderator really pushing this rule) because it really ticks me off when people are not bothering to post anonymously(as the rest of us know how annoying it is to type in the recaptcha). for sure, they can de-anon elsewhere. but there is no point in calling this an anonymous kink meme when no one is stickling to this rule within community.

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