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Anon Meme Part 2
viola liliana sanches
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Kaede will never be able to date

She hasn't yet found someone capable of standing up to the combined overprotective power of her dads.

Greatly desired elements are Kotetsu derping it up like always and Trollaby out in full force.
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Re: Kaede will never be able to date

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Re: Kaede will never be able to date

Thirding to the nth degree.
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Number One: Roy [1a/AtLeast2]

Writing a Barnaby one, this means I'm signed on for a Kotetsu, but I don't know actually how many of these I'm going to do. Well, as many as I have ideas for, I guess. Enjoy.


Roy tugged on his heel, balancing on his left leg with his right leg folded up behind him, stretching his hamstrings. A day in the park, going out for a run, no problem, no problem…

…Oh, except Barnaby Brooks Jr. wanted to accompany him.

Y’know. No biggie.

So the secret had been out for a year or two now. Barnaby’s marriage to his partner, Wild Tiger, just about obliterated the veteran hero’s secret identity. Wild Tiger was Kaburagi T. Kotetsu, a framed criminal, but more importantly, famed hero, with a daughter Roy’s age, a blossoming fifteen. Kaburagi Kaede.

Roy still wasn’t sure how he worked up the balls to ask her out first. Well, the first time didn’t quite count as a date, he asked her to show up with some friends while he showed up with some friends and they watched their school’s sports team play. But that put him in the perfect position to ask her on a date, for real. A movie.

Tomorrow. But before that date, Barnaby Brooks Jr. asked Roy to go on a run with him. Roy was confused—he’s not feeble, but he’s no athlete—but Mr. Brooks just had that ultra-smooth, professional demeanor, and it’s not like Roy could tell him no, either. If he wanted to date his stepdaughter, Roy had to be in Barnaby’s good graces. Maybe if he passed this test, Barnaby could put in a good word with Tiger, and get him in the clear…

This is really the only reason gay men shouldn’t have daughters. Because their poor boyfriends will go through twice the hell trying to ask them out.

“Ready?” Barnaby asked with a small smile, the ones that still made women swoon, even at thirty.

“Y-Yeah,” Roy bounced on his heels, and the two started down the running path.

At first, Roy thought it was pretty nice. The sunshine, the warmth, the regular rhythm of their sneakers. And Barnaby wasn’t driving him too hard. Long-time King of Heroes, Roy was sure the older man could run laps around him, but Barnaby held back and kept the run friendly. Every so often, Roy glanced up, but the shine of his glasses hid his face, much like a hero mask.

“Does Kaede-san like running?” Roy asked, his heartbeat starting to speed up. Better get these friendly questions out of the way before he got short of breath. And call her ‘Kaede-san’ while he’s at it. It could never hurt to treat a man’s daughter too respectfully, even if she went by Kaede at school.

“We frequently go on family runs,” Barnaby answered.

So that’s what this was about. He's testing if Roy fits into the family. Well, he’d probably fit in best if he was a NEXT, but Wild Tiger’s about to lose that status and become the first non-NEXT hero, so when that day came, Roy wouldn’t be so alone. It warmed his heart to know Barnaby already wanted to include him in little Kaburagi-Brooks traditions. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. Barnaby always looked like such a pleasant guy on TV, so polite and confident. Y'know, maybe gay men should have daughters, because their husbands don’t have to put up with overbearing mothers-in-law that way.

At about the first mile, Roy started wheezing. Nothing he couldn’t push past, but he glanced more pointedly at Barnaby now, hoping that the hero would pick up on his running companion’s struggle. Barnaby stayed focused on the path ahead of him, his pace regular as a metronome, and Roy has no choice but to swallow his pain and keep pace. His fun evaporated quickly.

By the second mile, Roy felt like a beaten dog dragged along by his neck on an invisible leash. Barnaby paid absolutely no attention to Roy’s strife, deliberately ignoring his gasping breath and stumbling stride. Sweat drenched the poor boy’s shirt, his vision blurring and head pounding, and not once did the hero look down at him, offer help, or slow down for him. Roy would swear he had sped up, but that could have been his fatigue-addled brain.

“Bruu…” he sputtered. “Brooks-sa… saa… sahn…”

“Yes?” Barnaby said pleasantly.

“S… Stop… Please…”

The hero obligingly stopped, and Roy braced his trembling arms on his bowlegged knees. God, why? Dear God of nerdy, half-shy high school boys everywhere, why?
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Number One: Roy [1b/AtLeast2]

“Let’s see, we’ve run a little more than two miles,” Barnaby glanced at his watch and checked his pulse, statistical data. “A moderate pace… You could probably go faster if you sprinted, but you’d burn out more quickly.”

Roy nodded half-heartedly, a little too exhausted to care about what Barnaby was actually saying.

“With strength like this, I could definitely catch you. Yes, I’m sure of it.”

His nauseated stomach dropped. Roy didn’t like the tone in Barnaby’s voice. “Huh?” he asked elegantly.

Barnaby looked down at him and smiled pleasantly. “You see, if you hurt Kaede in any way, I will hunt you down. I was curious as to how much of a challenge you would pose to catch. Not much at all, I’m afraid.”

With that, Barnaby grabbed Roy by the shirt collar, dangling his toes above the old path. The blood barely had time to drain from Roy’s face when Barnaby glowed with NEXT power, his green eyes blazing with intense blue hellfire.

“Are you sure that you won’t hurt Kaede?” Barnaby asked, malice swimming in his voice. “Because if you are not absolutely certain, you should leave. Now.”

Shit, Roy didn’t know! He didn’t even know which movie he wanted to take Kaede to tomorrow! Shit, how was he supposed to know everything about his life and future with his first girlfriend ever?! He liked Kaede, she was pretty, nice, talented, but no way would he risk his life on dating her! Not with so much life left to live!

Barnaby lowered him an inch, just enough for his feet to gain traction on the ground again, and Roy found his second wind, sprinting off to whence they had came: to the bus stop, to home, to girls that didn’t have psychotic NEXTs for fathers. Because if that’s how a man who didn’t share blood with Kaede treated her potential boyfriends, meeting Tiger—Kaede's biological father—spelled certain death.
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Re: Number One: Roy [1b/AtLeast2]

AHAHAHAHAHA bunny you're terrifying

Loved it!
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Re: Number One: Roy [1b/AtLeast2]

Yes, this pleases Barnaby OP.
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Number Two: Eri [2a/AtLeast2]

C'mon, Kotetsu, just play it cool. Kaede's been waiting for this dance for two weeks ("And my whole life!" she passionately swore). Barnaby's fighting her curl-resistant hair just so she'll look beautiful. The least he can do is go easy on the boy that asked her to the dance: Eri Tsvanski.

It wasn't that bad, not that bad. Kotetsu went through this hell on the other side, meeting Tomoe's father. He knew what the poor boy will think, how scared he’ll, how nervous. And he vaguely recalled a promise to himself to never, ever be the irrationally paranoid scary father of a teenage girl.

Well, until he had a baby girl, and his point of view changed dramatically.

Then again, considering how heartbroken Kaede was when she found out Bunny shot down her last potential boyfriend—Troy? Rod? Whatever—Kotetsu really hopes Eri passes scrutiny. The last thing he wants is Kaede to hate him, again.

But the doorbell rings, Kotetsu answers it, and Kaede's feelings are suddenly the least of his worries.

"Yo," Eri raised his hand in an approximation of a wave. His ruby-accent eyebrow ring glinted in the light from the Kaburagi living room, the little gem matching the red streak through his inky hair. "Kaede ready yet?"

Kotetsu blinked, shocked. (Kaede said yes to this guy?) "No, she's still... Not... Well, I wanted a chance for us to talk, just man to man."

"’Kay." Eri stepped inside, giving his leather boots—Kaede, why?!—a useless swipe across the welcome mat as he entered.

"So," Kotetsu took a few steps toward the living room, and looked back at Eri, still standing by the door. "Um, come on over."

Eri obliged, taking six steps further and dropping down on Kotetsu's armchair. Kotetsu frowned. He had been practicing his Father Speech from that chair, the broad-backed armchair of intimidation. Now what was left for him? The squishy, harmless couch? Standing uncomfortably? Opting to stand, Kotetsu cleared his throat once. Then he did it again, for good measure.

"So, Tavanski-kun—"


"Oh... Um, Tsvanski-kun, what are your intentions with my daughter?"

"I'm gonna dance with her."

Unprepared for such a literal response, Kotetsu faltered again. "All right, um, sounds good... And what time do you plan on being back?"

"When the dance is over."

"And when is that?"

"I forget," Eri said unapologetically. "Didn't Kaede tell you?"

Kotetsu started fidgeting. Kaede barely told him anything. He counted himself lucky that Kaede told him she had a date--but he could have used a warning about his punky style and manners. He looked like he stepped straight out of an episode of Hero TV, with all Kotetsu's instincts screaming, catch him, arrest him, throw him in jail...

But profiling is wrong. So what if his fashion choices seem a little scary? Kaede likes him, so as long as he treats her right...

"I'd just like the chance to say, if you mess up, there'll be hell to pay."


"Like, a lot of hell. I'll be watching you. Like a tiger."

The ruby eyebrow ring twitched upward, unimpressed, and Kotetsu’s heart fell. He had thought that line would be so cool.

Resigned, Kotetsu offered his hand to Eri. "Well, whenever the dance ends, have Kaede home by midnight. It was nice to meet you."

"Yeah, nice." Eri stood and reached for Kotetsu's hand, his sleeve pulling back and revealing his wrist.

A small black tattoo—no surprise for a punk like him—but it caught Kotetsu's attention. A little dagger.

"Devil's Sword," Kotetsu said, withdrawing his hand, memories flashing through his head. The same design on Antonio's arm, before his sponsors made him laser it off. Backstreet brawls. Rival schools.

A warehouse on fire.

"That tattoo. When did you get it?"

Eri tugged his sleeve back over the tattoo. "It's just cool, y'know?" he offered, for the first time nervous. “Tons of kids have them.”

"Get out," Kotetsu pointed to the door. “If you run with the Swords, get out now.”

"No one will touch us on a dance night, it's fine!" Eri tried to explain.

"They don't have one reason to honor that! That's what gangs do! They make promises just to go behind each other's backs!"

"How would you know?"
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Number Two: Eri [2b/AtLeast2]

"My best friend led the Swords in high school. The most trustworthy guy I know... Once he left the gang for good. You join looking for a family, but you get nothing but pain."

Eri locked his jaw. "We're not like that."


"You have ten seconds to get out of my house," Kotetsu said. "After that, I have ten seconds to rip you limb from limb. And I'll do it."

"Yeah, right. A hero can't hurt a civilian."


Eri's eyes widened, but he didn't move.

"Nine," Kotetsu continued. "Eight."

"You can't—"

"Seven,” Kotetsu cut him off. “Six. Five."

Half the countdown over. Some might have called Eri brave to stare down Wild Tiger for that long, but Kotetsu knew better. Gang members aren't brave. Gang members can't be heroes. Tomoe taught him that.

Kotetsu cracked his knuckles. "Four." A step forward, then two. "Three."

Eri finally turned and ran out the door, slamming it behind him. Kotetsu sighed, relieved that the boy hadn't stayed to test him. With the adrenaline already subsiding, Kotetsu felt his rational (well, mostly rational) self returning. He probably wouldn't have really ripped his limbs off, maybe broke the bones...

"Dad? Why'd the door slam?" Kaede called downstairs.

Oh, right... Dammit. Kaede would be too mad for Kotetsu to explain his decision to kick out her date, at least right now, so maybe he should just let her cool down. "Um, Tsvanski-kun forgot to, uh, feed his cat."

Yeah, that's plausible, right? Lots of people have cats that need food. And Kaede probably doesn't know about Eri's pets...

A patter of feet later, and Kaede whips around the corner in a dark blue dress (which Kotetsu knew looked good on her, but didn't want anyone else to see her in), her hair only half-curled.

"Eri doesn't have a cat," she said, eyes narrowed.

Oops. "Um, well, maybe he said dog… Or his plants…"

"Dad, you scared him off!" Kaede accused. “You scared off my date!”

Guiltily, Kotetsu pouted and did his best beggy eyes. "You can still go to the dance, right? With your friends?"

"All my friends have boyfriends!" Kaede complained. "I probably would have gone with Roy if Barnaby hadn't scared him so badly he won't look at me!"

Roy, right, that was his name. Barnaby appeared at the mention of “exploits,” still holding the ceramic curling wand in one hand.

"What was wrong with him?" Barnaby asked.

Shifting a little under the pressure, Kotetsu scratched at the back of his head. "I didn't like his piercing.”

“A valid reason.”

“That’s not valid!” Kaede protested. “It’s not valid at all! I’ll never have a boyfriend at this rate!”

“Good,” Kotetsu mumbled before he could stop himself, but Kaede heard him. Shooting her father her sharpest glare, she stormed past Barnaby and back to her room.

“But your hair—” Barnaby protested.

“Forget it! I’m not going!”

“Kaede!” Kotetsu called, but she was already gone. He sighed. “I just can’t win…”

“It’s all right. You’re doing her a favor,” Barnaby reassured him.

“What was so wrong about the other kid, Roy?”

“He was indecisive.”

“A valid reason,” Kotetsu shrugged. “Hopefully nicer guys will start asking her out soon.”

“But not too soon,” Barnaby amended, curling a wayward lock of his own hair around the wand, primping it.

“Seriously?” Kotetsu gestured to the hair. Barnaby ignored him.
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Re: Number Two: Eri [2b/AtLeast2]

Kotetsu, you ruined her night :(
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Re: Number Two: Eri [2b/AtLeast2]

Feel kinda sorry for Kaede but It can't be helped when her date is a punk from a gang member Kotetsu had a bad history with. No wonder he got the 3rd degree treatment.

Are you going to continue more of this? this are really good!
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Re: Number Two: Eri [2b/AtLeast2]

I definitely intend to continue: I have about three others planned out, and a surprise twist. ;)

I also gotta say, it's hard to write Kotetsu as an overprotective dad. Even if he doesn't want Kaede to date, it was hard to give him a reason to get that mad. :/ So I guess I did, but I still kind of liked Eri and Kotetsu. Derp Kotetsu is the best.
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Number Three: Lucien [3a/5?]

So these get half-written on my cell phone from time to time. Please forgive errors.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Barnaby and Kotetsu got married. They’re still the best (though technically only) hero duo that Sternbild has ever seen. Ratings, rankings, and popularity fluxed, but their relationship, and the family they built, stayed stable.

Dragon Kid got rebranded as Dragon Lady. Odysseus Communications was starting to get some flak for calling a nearly-grown woman “kid,” so they launched a huge campaign to age their hero appropriately: new hero name, new nickname, new trading cards, interviews galore, and a new, much more “feminine” costume. The heroes threw a very nice party to cheer her up, because their favorite tomboy looked so distraught, complaining that she “looked like Blue Rose now.” But, no matter what she wore, Dragon Lady remained a competent hero, even under with the new description, “the Electrifying Mistress of Kung Fu.”

Rock Bison—or, Antonio now—finally quit. Kronos Foods had been considering letting him go for ages, but Antonio threw in the towel first, and got to quit with dignity and a well-thought-out retirement plan. Barnaby still saw him periodically as the ex-hero maintained his friendship with Kotetsu, and noticed quitting had actually done Antonio a lot of good. Not being fired out of a cannon every day to fight crime subtracted years from the man’s age, and it showed.

After that, Kronos Foods decided to not sponsor a hero for a few seasons, but another company seemed eager to fill Kronos’ gap. The Juno Group, an amalgamation of smaller companies well-known to businessmen and investors yet positively anonymous to the larger population, had just passed to a new generation. A trio of brothers, the eldest, a management type, the middle, a publicity type, and the third, an eighteen-year-old NEXT, now owned the company, and wanted to get the youngest brother on Hero TV to start promoting their companies and expand their business.

Agnes approved the boy, Lucien, immediately: a young, and frankly very handsome, new hero from an underdog company? The show hadn’t seen a character anything like that since Barnaby’s own debut. Unfortunately, the Justice Bureau and the Juno Group’s own marketing department were taking their dear sweet time crafting and approving Lucien’s hero persona, leaving Lucien in a state of limbo where he had access to some Hero TV perks, like the private gym, but low prospects of appearing on the show.

But, he was nice enough. Fire Emblem took a sort of mama-bear liking to him immediately, Dragon Ki—Lady,, Dragon Lady—enjoyed having a peer about her age, and Origami Cyclone was ecstatic to have a hero he could “mentor,” because Lucien’s abilities were about as combat-useless as shapeshifting.

“I make sparkles,” Lucien told the gathered heroes when asked about his NEXT powers.

“Sparkles?” Blue Rose echoed. “What do you mean by sparkles?”

Shifting nervously, Lucien glowed blue and, with his hands spread wide, launched streams of rainbow-colored sparks off his fingertips, showering the collected heroes. Barnaby watched a few sparks fall into his hand, where they vanished, no heat, no pain.

“That,” he said, and the heroes looked at him in stunned silence.

Except Kotetsu. Who, to Barnaby’s dismay, burst out laughing. Barnaby smacked his husband upside the head. “Be nice!” he scolded.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! But he sparkles! I—I can’t take it!”

Barnaby had to extend a formal apology on Kotetsu’s behalf later—Kotetsu’s really immature, he doesn’t mean any harm, he’s in no position to laugh at someone for having weak powers—and before Barnaby can worry too much about it, they settle back into routine. It only seems like things change, but in reality, everything stays the same. Some parts of life resist even the most catastrophic events: like deciding on dinner.

“We can’t have fried rice again, we had that two nights ago,” Barnaby told Kotetsu one day, spotting him for medicine ball sit-ups.

“But I—umf—like fried rice,” Kotetsu caught the medicine ball, lowered himself down onto the mat, curled back up, and tossed the medicine ball into Barnaby’s waiting hands.
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Number Three: Lucien [3b/5?]

“It doesn’t matter how much you like it, we can’t eat the same thing every night,” Barnaby replied, bouncing the ball back into Kotetsu’s chest a few more times.

“Fine—guh—You pick,” Kotestu pushed the responsibility back onto Barnaby.

“I don’t mind what we eat.”

“Then let’s have fried rice!”



The door to the gym whooshed open, and Kaede stepped inside, still in her school uniform. “Dad! Barnaby!” she called.

“Sweetie!” Kotetsu turned his head to look at her, and got slammed in the chest with the medicine ball. “Oof!”

“How was your day?” Barnaby asked Kaede, ignoring Kotetsu, groaning on the floor.

“The same,” she flipped a lock of hair over her shoulder. “I just wanna get home, relax.”

“Kotetsu has one last set of sit-ups, but then we can go.”

Kotetsu, apparently still in pain, just glared at Barnaby, but Kaede nodded. “All right. I’ll wait.”

She left her fathers and sat down on a little bench across the room, looking around the gym for the other heroes. Barnaby gathered up the medicine ball and told Kotetsu, “Come on, old man. One more set.”

“Bunny-chan, isn’t this enough? That really hurt!”

“It was your own fault, you lost focus. Now come on. Thirty more, I’ll count.”

Grumbling, Kotestu grabbed the medicine ball again and tossed it at Barnaby’s chest. He caught it and passed it right back to Kotetsu, who resumed his sit-up rhythm.

That’s when Baranby noticed Lucien approach Kaede. Even without hearing their exact words, Barnaby followed the gist of the conversation. They said hi, they introduced themselves, explained why they were at the gym, and then Kaede invited him to sit next to her.

This will not do at all.

Kotetsu continued his workout, unaware of the flirting behind him, but Barnaby saw it all. He watched Lucien tell a joke, and Kaede laughed. She shared some fact about herself, and Lucien nodded, interested. Kaede asked about his power, and Lucien put on a miniature fireworks display, coloring the sparks red and pink. Apparently Kaede wanted to try, and she touched Lucien’s hand for a bit longer than strictly necessary.

“B-Bunny, I think I’m done,” Kotetsu grabbed the medicine ball and didn’t pass it back up. “Seriously, you said you’d count…”

“Trouble,” Barnaby nodded at the flirting display, and Kotetsu twisted around to look. Kaede just conjured some sparks, which flew every which way erratically, and Lucien gently adjusted her fingers and gave her some advice. Kaede blushed.

“Oh no he doesn’t,” Kotetsu growled, but he spoke up with a happy, sweet tone. “Ah, that round was hard! Kaede, sweetie!” Both Kaede and Lucien looked up at Wild Tiger and his silly grin. “Would you get Papa a water bottle? Please?”

Kaede folded her arms and looked away. “You’re embarrassing,” she complained, but stood up and left the training room.

Barnaby complemented Kotetsu on his diversion—well, mentally—and helped the old man to his feet. Time to nip this problem in the bud. They crossed to Lucien’s bench.

“I see you’ve met Kaede,” Barnaby began.

“Oh, yes. She’s your daughter, right?” Lucien looked between Kotetsu and Barnaby, his eyes innocently bright. “She’s very nice.”

“Nice,” Kotetsu repeated, deadpan. He and Barnaby shifted their stances to cut off Lucien's escape routes. “Just how ‘nice’ do you think she is?”

“Excuse me? I don’t quite understand…”

“Think of it this way,” Barnaby clasped a hand on Lucien’s shoulder, maybe a bit tighter than necessary. “When you first become a hero, there’s a lot of work involved. Your brothers might be… disappointed… if you become involved with a girl right now.”

“I-Involved? No, I didn’t mean—”

“And you’re never going to date Kaede,” Kotetsu added. “Okay? Get that idea out of your head right now.”

“But we’re heroes! Co-workers, right?”

“Not quite,” Barnaby smiled sweetly. “We're more like rivals, you see. Juno and Apollon. It’s nothing personal, but stay away from our daughter.”
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Re: Number Three: Lucien [3b/5?]

“Okay, I got the water!” Kaede returned to the training room to see Barnaby and Kotetsu standing over the still seated (and now trembling) Lucien. “What’s going on?” she asked suspiciously.

“Nothing,” Barnaby said, crossing over toward Kaede. “Just sharing some wisdom with Lucien.”

“Thanks for the water~!” Kotetsu sing-songed, taking the bottle and breaking the seal on the top.

Not entirely convinced, Kaede turned her attention back to Lucien. “Oh, Lucien, you said you were having trouble coming up with a hero name to match your powers, but I think I have one! Star Shooter!”

Kaede did little finger guns, and using Lucien’s copied power, shot some pink and blue sparks in his direction. Barnaby shot him a glare, and even without looking, he knew Kotetsu had done the same.

“Th…That’s great…” Lucien stammered. “A-Actually, I’m going to go right now… Um, and tell my brothers your idea… So excuse me…”

He beat a hasty retreat from the training room, steering clear of Kaede’s fathers. Kaede watched him leave, her expression sad and wistful.

“We should get going, too," Barnaby said. "What would you like for dinner, Kaede?”

"What I'd like," Kaede began, "Is for you two to stop tormenting all the boys that I think are cute!”

"Torment? We don’t torment boys.” Barnaby said.

"You did! You did!" Kaede hit Barnaby on the arm, a glancing but angry blow. "I want to date, but you keep scaring off every single boy! I can't take it!"

And she ran off after Lucien, leaving her books, fathers, and a stunned silence behind.

"Thanks for taking the heat on that, Bunny," Kotetsu took a swig of water and patted Barnaby on the back. "I'll go change."

Barnaby nodded, still staring at the door. Strange, how a perfectly nice boy looked so sinister once he started flirting with Kaede. He gained these paternal instincts so quickly, almost disturbingly quickly, but, if he learned anything from Kotetsu, instincts weren't the worst thing in the world. Maybe it had always been in him, the instinct to care, but he lacked people to care about.

"Handsome," Fire Emblem approached him, his fabulous attitude somewhat muted. "You two can't protect her forever, you know."

Barnaby stared at the training room door. “I know,” he said. “But we can protect her for now.”
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Re: Number Three: Lucien [3b/5?]

this is great! keep it up w!anon!
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Re: Number Three: Lucien [3b/5?]

Thanks, reader. I'm actually trawling around this meme and realized that someone else used the name Lucien for someone in their fill. It's the AU-Kotetsu one around page 52. Maybe 54.

...Well, I picked it because it means 'light', but I suppose great minds think alike. Glad you like the story!
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Re: Number Three: Lucien [3b/5?]

These short fills are so cute :D
Can't wait for the next part ♥
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